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A-level results day: More girls take science A-levels than boys for first time ever

Tens of thousands of students receive A-level results across the country


Number of students who think going to university is important drops, survey finds

It comes as thousands of students receive A-level results and university places across UK

A-level results: Students need just 55 per cent in maths exam for A grade

Those taking Edexcel paper this year would need to score only 34 per cent to be awarded C grade

Cambridge University graduate sues over handling of sexual harassment complaint

‘If a procedure is re-traumatising, if it is discriminatory … Then it being upheld is not enough,’ says Danielle Bradford

Head of UK's largest university housing firm pockets £2m pay while students struggle with rising rents

‘Accommodation providers continue to line pockets as students struggle with bills,’ union says

A-level results day: Labour will scrap university offers based on predicted grades

Giving out degree places on teachers’ predictions is ‘unfair’, shadow education secretary says

Class inequality widens in academies that are more likely to recruit unqualified teachers, study suggests

Policies that undermine professional accreditation ‘degrade’ teaching workforce, researchers say

Thousands of EU academics left posts at leading British universities after Brexit vote, analysis finds

Exclusive: The Russell Group calls on Boris Johnson to provide certainty to staff to prevent exodus

Students will owe £8.6bn in loan interest alone within five years, official figures show

There has been growing criticism of the government’s failure to act on sky-high interest rates – currently 6.3 per cent – on university debts