Natterhub promotes social media in education by delivering safe and secure social media platforms exclusively for primary schools. Some of my previous research has highlighted the importance of providing training for young people on social media. Children at 13 years are opened up to the digital world without any pre-teaching at primary level. It is like giving the keys of a car to a 17-year-old and saying “you are now old enough to drive, go drive” without any education or test on road safety. Within schools, there is an abundance of information available to children on the risks of smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, but an absence when it comes to social media. I argue that schools cover topics such as digital footprints and the permanency of online content. From the research I have carried out, I believe Natterhub are leading the way in preparing children to thrive online.

Using Natterhub, pupils can build an online profile, earn badges, showcase work and develop real-world digital intelligence. I strongly encourage educators and specifically those in the primary domain to visit the Natterhub website to find out more.

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