Name of researcher: Ryan Williams

Title of Project: An Exploration into the Pedagogical Benefits of Social Media: Can Educators Incorporate Social Media into Pedagogy Successfully?


  • I have read and understood the information sheet dated November 2019 for the above study and was allowed the opportunity to ask questions regarding the study.
  • I recognise that my participation in the study is voluntary and I have the right to withdraw at any time up to 31st May 2022 without giving reasons and without any of my rights being affected (e.g. legal rights).
  • I recognise that my anonymity will be preserved and full confidentiality in regard to my participation in the research will be maintained.
  • I understand that the recordings of interviews and transcripts of data will be retained by the researcher and will not be used for any purpose other than for the research described to me in the information sheet already provided.
  • I have been informed that all interview transcripts will be stored within secure premises and on computer files accessible only to the researcher.
  • I agree to take part in this study.
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