Montessori Magnetic Iron Box Digital Clock Math Toy

About this Item

  • Great product for teaching children to read .great tool to use to teach kids how to read. This is a really handy tool to teach the fundamentals of rhyming and reading.
  • Cute, simple, and fun. This toy is old school but still loved by kids. Very fun and a good size for children's hands and coordination. This educational toy is the right size for their little hands, and they really enjoy trying to find whatever letter or word they’re working on.
  • Buy this to help your children with math. It makes it fun for them and will help them with addition and subtraction, Using the sticks and being able to be hands-on and having the visual is great!
  • Great Gift For Little Ones, Durable And It Is A Great Learning Tool. They Will Love Using Them To Learn New Words And Math!