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‘We’re confused, angry and anxious over Brexit … and so are the children we teach’

As divisive language plumbs new depths, three teachers say their pupils are afraid and they cannot now teach ‘British values’Ed Finch, teacher, Larkrise primary school, OxfordThere’s another general election coming and I am sick to my stomach at the th…

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Education needs an overhaul, but closing private schools is not the answer | Lee Elliot Major and Steve Higgins

If Labour really wants to tackle inequality, it should abolish league tables – and make state school admissions a lotteryThe Labour party’s radical proposals to shake up England’s schooling system has thrust educational debate into the spotlight, shatt…

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Top of the class: why Finland’s schools are the envy of the world

With no Ofsted-style inspections, uniforms or league tables, the country’s education system is now one of its most celebrated exportsIt’s early afternoon in Lintulaakson school in Espoo, near Helsinki. The younger children are having a snack before sta…