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Starting school can be a traumatic experience – for the parents | Emma Brockes

My children’s school is good and safe, yet dropping them off has stirred an unsoothable panic I haven’t felt since they were babiesThere is so much to worry about, said Gertrude Stein, you might as well not worry about any of it. But then again she nev…

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How MIT was complicit in allowing Jeffrey Epstein to launder his reputation | John Naughton

The financier’s links to the institution are symptoms of a deep malaise in big techIn the parallel moral universe known as the tech industry, the MIT media lab was Valhalla. “The engineers, designers, scientists and physicians who constitute the two do…

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Teenage hangups: the drastic plans to keep high schoolers off their phones

Soon more than 1,000 schools nationwide will be using Yondr, a pouch that students lock their phones in during classPut your cellphone away. Stop texting. Stop using the camera as a mirror. Stop looking at Instagram. They’re the familiar commands of te…