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‘I had given up hope, but studying counselling kept me alive’

I felt less than human until I was given a second chance. University has made me stronger, hungrier and more confidentBefore I became a student, I felt less than a human being and had almost given up hope. But being given a scholarship was like the app…

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Sheffield’s LGBT-only halls were called a ghetto – but a year on, they’re thriving | Katharine Swindells

It was a controversial decision for the university to open the flats, but it’s helped residents gain the confidence to mingle A year ago, the University of Sheffield made headlines when we became the first UK university to launch LGBT-only flats in our…

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Closing the GCSE attainment gap can’t be up to schools alone | Letters

Readers discuss the disparity between rich and poor pupils in exams, and ways to improve social mobilityWhile a substantial increase in funding for state schools would be welcome (Poorest pupils twice as likely to fail GCSEs as richest peers, 21 August…