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Government accused over school spending claims

School spending has been pushed into the spotlight by the former head of Ofsted who has accused the government of misleading the public over how much money is really being spent on schools. Sir Michael Wilshaw is the former chief inspector of Ofsted who stood down in 2016 and he told one Sky News show […]

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Nine teaching schools hubs created

Failing schools in England are about to be boosted with the creation of nine new teaching school hubs who will receive £2 million for the purpose. These hubs will be testing the school-to-school improvement scheme before it’s rolled out. Now, high performing schools will help struggling counterparts so they make the most of their resources […]

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Teachers will get £2,000 deprived area boost

In a bid to boost teacher numbers, the government is offering teachers an extra £2,000 per year if they agree to work in a deprived area. The payments will be made to schools in deprived and remote communities who are struggling to keep and find teaching staff. The cash will be in addition to the […]

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Trainee teachers offered new support

Trainee teachers in their first years working on the job are being offered new support from an expert panel that will draft guidance to help them. The aim is to deliver, for the first time, a way of giving additional support and advice during a new teacher’s first years in their career. A group of […]

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Sharp rise in teachers asking for mental health help

Growing numbers of teachers are struggling with mental health issues and the risk of suicide is also rising, one support charity says. The Education Support Partnership (ESP) says that between April last year and March 2019 they dealt with more than 9,600 cases of classroom support assistants and teachers in crisis. That’s a rise of […]

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Ofsted’s new inspection arrangements revealed

The results of a consultation on Ofsted’s new education inspection arrangements have been revealed. The new inspection regime will take effect from September and will focus on the curriculum, pupil development and behaviour. In a report, Ofsted says that inspections will ensure that learners are receiving a quality education that will put them on the […]

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24% of teachers have witnessed ‘off-rolling’

One in four teachers say they have witnessed ‘off-rolling’ in their schools in England with league table pressures being a key driver, an Ofsted survey has found. The teachers told researchers that the illegitimate move was usually used in a bid to artificially boost their school’s performance. Off-rolling is the practice of pupils being removed […]

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Schools will be ‘responsible for excluded pupils’

A government review has said that schools will need to remain accountable for any excluded pupils and their subsequent exam results. The recommendation is for schools in England and is aimed at bringing to an end so-called ‘off rolling’ where a school may remove low achieving or difficult pupils. Now, the report’s recommendations could see […]

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