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London academics criticise ‘oppressive’ treatment of student protesters

University of London staff speak out against security guards’ ‘heavy-handed’ tacticsAcademics have condemned the “oppressive” treatment of student protesters after the university hired private security staff who forcibly evicted a group that were peace…

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Vice-chancellors still attend pay meetings despite outcry

University and College Union found only nine institutions allowed VCs to voteUniversities have stopped vice-chancellors from voting on the committees that set their pay following last year’s outcry over rising salaries but many university leaders have …

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You’ve set up a successful school. What next? Start a university, of course

Ed Fidoe, co-founder of School 21, is launching the London Interdisciplinary School, mixing arts, science and business skillsEd Fidoe, co-founder of School 21, an “outstanding” free school in east London, has spotted a problem. To solve it, he’s openin…