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A year to clean five schools of sexism – shouldn’t others do the same?

Experiment gets teachers and primary pupils to look at life through ‘gender equality lens’A class of 10-year-olds are sitting on the carpet looking at their teacher with open mouths. Their faces say: outrage.Their teacher, Rosemary O’Brien, has put up …

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I started my charity when I was 16, so I know Gen Z will give more if we ask them

Pink Week has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds from younger people. Its success should be a lesson to other charitiesWhen I was 16 I founded my charity, Pink Week, to raise awareness of breast cancer among young people.It’s a cause close to my he…

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Talk of ‘anti-white sentiment’ distracts from the fight against institutional racism | Fope Olaleye

The EHRC has done a disservice to the work being done on race equity by legitimising claims of ‘reverse racism’In March 2019, student officers and activists from varying backgrounds and cities across the UK sat in a room for an important discussion. We…

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