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A year to clean five schools of sexism – shouldn’t others do the same?

Experiment gets teachers and primary pupils to look at life through ‘gender equality lens’A class of 10-year-olds are sitting on the carpet looking at their teacher with open mouths. Their faces say: outrage.Their teacher, Rosemary O’Brien, has put up …

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Even last week Labour was still asking for education policy ideas. Well, here are a few | Fiona Millar

Labour plans to ban private schools and Ofsted – but what does it want instead?This could be my last general election writing about education policy. If any party gets a big enough majority to last five years, I suspect I might be doing something else …

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‘Treacle of bureaucracy’: report on special educational needs is a huge relief for parents like me | John Harris

Far-reaching Common’s inquiry finds families struggled with lack of accountability, buck-passing and unlawful practiceBeing the parent of a child with special needs and facing the education system’s serial obstacles and complexities can leave you beref…

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The Guardian view on special needs education: restore confidence in a failing system | Editorial

MPs have rightly criticised a poor set of reforms but have not come up with a solution for vulnerable childrenAre England’s 1.3 million children with special educational needs and disabilities – which range from dyslexia through to severe medical condi…

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