Examples of Twitter in the classroom

Follow the 2019 CAC model for using Twitter in the classroom Communicating Teacher posting course materialsStudents using a hashtag to communicate Students tweeting in a foreign language to practice in MFL Assessing Students creating tweets using specific contents learnt during class time Teacher posting surprise questions in class on Twitter Students debate and discuss on Twitter Students answerContinue reading “Examples of Twitter in the classroom”

Children ill from school can still participate in learning via avatars

China are leading the way in the digital revolution happening right now in education. Children too ill to go to school now have access to technology where they can watch lessons from home and participate using their tablets. The Financial Times reports this technology “enhances learning experiences for teachers and children”. This video has been embedded usingContinue reading “Children ill from school can still participate in learning via avatars”

Is social media bad for you?

Whenever I turn on the TV, read articles from my favourite news outlets or switch on the radio, I am constantly reminded that social networking sites are villains and us, the public are being drained of personal information, positive wellbeing and internal prosperity. Much research concerns itself with the impact social media platforms have onContinue reading “Is social media bad for you?”