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Television workers twice as likely to have attended private school

Ofcom report finds startling lack of diversity among UK broadcastersTelevision workers are twice as likely to have attended private schools compared with other workers, according to a report from Ofcom, which has found a startling lack of diversity amo…

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John McDonnell backs ‘Abolish Eton’ debate at Labour conference

Shadow chancellor says private schools ‘don’t need to exist’ in a society with education equalityThe shadow chancellor is to throw his weight behind an “Abolish Eton” debate at the Labour party conference this weekend, as he declares that “private scho…

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Never mind ‘tax raids’, Labour – just abolish private education | Owen Jones

As drivers of inequality, private schools are at the heart of Britain’s problems. Labour must be bold and radical on thisThe British class system is an organised racket. It concentrates wealth and power in the hands of the few, while 14 million Britons…

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The private school system is ‘morally rotten’. This could be the moment for its downfall | Melissa Benn

Two new pressure groups and signs of Labour leadership support are turning the tideCould we be nearing what the social historian David Kynaston calls “a long overdue historic moment”? Kynaston, a private school critic, says: “The temper of the times is…