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Meritocracy is a myth – so don’t judge people on their GCSE grades | Michael Segalov

Until pupils from all sections of society have an equal chance of success, exam results should not be taken at face valueOn exam results days, there’s now something of a social media tradition of those long out of the school system sharing stories of s…

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Government yet to refund £28m in student loan overpayments

More than half a million English university graduates overpaid loans by average £600The government is holding on to more than £28m in student loan overpayments by graduates that have been identified but not yet refunded.More than half a million former …

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Predicted grades are a lottery and work against the poorest students. Let’s get rid of them | David Olusoga

The evidence shows that the UK’s university entrance system is not only inaccurate but unfairAlong with never having got round to writing down our constitution and having a monarch who legally owns all the swans, one of the things that makes the UK a b…