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Oxford professor’s children refused visas to join her in UK

US family split as Home Office makes it increasingly difficult for overseas academics to work in UK universitiesAmber Murrey, an American academic, was “ecstatic” about being appointed associate professor in geography at Oxford University last year. Bu…

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Where will our working-class playwrights come from, now the arts have been sidelined? | Selina Todd

Michael Gove made arts the poor relation of ‘real’ education. We need to change thatThe playwright Shelagh Delaney shot to fame when her debut work, A Taste of Honey, first performed in 1958, turned into a runaway success. She was just 19.The play told…

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‘We’re confused, angry and anxious over Brexit … and so are the children we teach’

As divisive language plumbs new depths, three teachers say their pupils are afraid and they cannot now teach ‘British values’Ed Finch, teacher, Larkrise primary school, OxfordThere’s another general election coming and I am sick to my stomach at the th…

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Education needs an overhaul, but closing private schools is not the answer | Lee Elliot Major and Steve Higgins

If Labour really wants to tackle inequality, it should abolish league tables – and make state school admissions a lotteryThe Labour party’s radical proposals to shake up England’s schooling system has thrust educational debate into the spotlight, shatt…

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Labour’s ‘class war’ on private schools is unnecessary and doesn’t add up | Robert Verkaik

The desired effect on inequality could be achieved by clear, targeted measures, rather than abolition, which would get messyLabour’s general election gambit of declaring a so-called “class war” on Britain’s private schools is partly intended to distrac…

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Dear Gavin Williamson, outsourcing excluded pupils to new free schools won’t help | Michael Rosen

The lack of accountability of academies and free schools make them part of the problem, not the solutionI see you will be “pushing for something that isn’t often the focus of dinner party debate”: alternative provision, especially for children who have…

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Why do aviation addicts fly in the face of reason? | Letters

In the wake of the global climate strike, Celia Roberts suggests academics should fly less often. Plus letters from John Gamlin, Daniel Scharf, Alicia Baker and Sally StarborgIn your 10 charts explaining the climate crisis (21 September), aviation is t…