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‘Don’t wait for permission’: how to make a living from an art degree

If you’re starting your creative arts degree, it’s time to start thinking like an artistThis week, Lula Marsh, 18, has been on set doing 12 hour days with a 50 minute commute each way. She is working five days a week as a runner for a film company. She…

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Last orders? Freshers call time on booze-fuelled initiation rites

As entry rituals to clubs and societies get ever more extreme, universities are working on initiatives to end the practiceEach university has its own horror story: the freshers who had chillies rubbed on their genitals; the students forced to apple bob…

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Are bank loans ever a good idea for students?

There are normally cheaper, more manageable ways of finding new fundsYou may have seen loans advertised by banks and debt firms for students to help pay their tuition fees or living costs. There are a couple of reasons why students might consider it: e…

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Deck the halls: how to brighten up your student flat

Whether you want a relaxing refuge from work or a stimulating study space, here are some tips for decorating your uni roomWhen Riya Agarwal moved to the UK from India to study for a master’s in art and interior design at the Royal College of Art, she s…