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Politically literate citizens seem to be a problem for Michael Gove | Laura McInerney

He once downgraded citizenship lessons in schools and removed the EU from geography. Now with Brexit it all falls into placeFrom the vast compendium of Michael Gove’s arrogant moments as education secretary one has been on my mind these last few weeks….

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Parents, can you spot a ‘toxic’ school? A headteacher writes …

When choosing your child’s new school, consider whether it might be a nightmare workplace for the staffThe banners are up, the adverts are in local newspapers. No sooner has the autumn term begun than schools are recruiting the next cohort of students….

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‘Don’t wait for permission’: how to make a living from an art degree

If you’re starting your creative arts degree, it’s time to start thinking like an artistThis week, Lula Marsh, 18, has been on set doing 12 hour days with a 50 minute commute each way. She is working five days a week as a runner for a film company. She…

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UK students waiting up to three months for mental health care

University data shows long delays, raising fears young people’s mental welfare will decline in the interimStudents with mental health problems are being forced to wait up to 12 weeks for help from their university, prompting fears that some may take th…

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Starting school can be a traumatic experience – for the parents | Emma Brockes

My children’s school is good and safe, yet dropping them off has stirred an unsoothable panic I haven’t felt since they were babiesThere is so much to worry about, said Gertrude Stein, you might as well not worry about any of it. But then again she nev…

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Education secretary backs review of university admissions

Gavin Williamson says system needs looking at amid growth in use of unconditional offersThe education secretary, Gavin Williamson, has backed a review into university admissions, including a fresh look at whether school leavers should only apply for pl…

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Only half of UK universities ready for no-deal Brexit – study

Universities UK says 80% of members very concerned, with some considering stockpilingFour out of five British universities are worried about the impact of crashing out of the EU without a deal, as vice-chancellors look to stockpile essential supplies r…

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As the kids go back to school, let’s all take the chance to refresh

It’s that moment in the year, things are moving on, time to turn a page in life’s new notebookThree little words that every adult longs to hear: back to school. Words infused with possibility, fear and the smell of strawberry rubbers, they perform a ki…

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Academics are fighting the wrong battle over pensions

Retirement benefits are indeed declining, and funds are in deficit. But those on zero-hour jobs at universities have it worseBritain’s university sector is a jewel in the nation’s crown. It is a world leader in research, generates £20bn in export reven…

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How MIT was complicit in allowing Jeffrey Epstein to launder his reputation | John Naughton

The financier’s links to the institution are symptoms of a deep malaise in big techIn the parallel moral universe known as the tech industry, the MIT media lab was Valhalla. “The engineers, designers, scientists and physicians who constitute the two do…