Even last week Labour was still asking for education policy ideas. Well, here are a few | Fiona Millar

Labour plans to ban private schools and Ofsted – but what does it want instead?This could be my last general election writing about education policy. If any party gets a big enough majority to last five years, I suspect I might be doing something else …

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‘Treacle of bureaucracy’: report on special educational needs is a huge relief for parents like me | John Harris

Far-reaching Common’s inquiry finds families struggled with lack of accountability, buck-passing and unlawful practiceBeing the parent of a child with special needs and facing the education system’s serial obstacles and complexities can leave you beref…

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The Guardian view on special needs education: restore confidence in a failing system | Editorial

MPs have rightly criticised a poor set of reforms but have not come up with a solution for vulnerable childrenAre England’s 1.3 million children with special educational needs and disabilities – which range from dyslexia through to severe medical condi…

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More funds for ‘Taking Teaching Further’ in FE

The government has announced that 160 industry professionals will be recruited under the ‘Taking Teaching Further’ banner. The new recruits will work as teachers in further education and will be funded as part of the £5 million programme. The announcement was made by the Skills Minister, Anne Milton, to help support 45 education providers in […]

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Government accused over school spending claims

School spending has been pushed into the spotlight by the former head of Ofsted who has accused the government of misleading the public over how much money is really being spent on schools. Sir Michael Wilshaw is the former chief inspector of Ofsted who stood down in 2016 and he told one Sky News show […]

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Nine teaching schools hubs created

Failing schools in England are about to be boosted with the creation of nine new teaching school hubs who will receive £2 million for the purpose. These hubs will be testing the school-to-school improvement scheme before it’s rolled out. Now, high performing schools will help struggling counterparts so they make the most of their resources […]

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