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How UK academics are facing a furious backlash for advising students to vote

Universities have a legal obligation to encourage voter registration. This has prompted an angry reaction in some areasWhen Carrie Paechter, a professor at Nottingham Trent University, tweeted two weeks ago that students could register to vote at both …

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Temporary work at £9 an hour. No wonder lecturers are balloting to strike

Feelings are running high, union warns, with more than half of UK academics on short-term contractsWhen Thomas Swann completed his PhD in 2015, he spent three weeks applying for 40 different jobs in academia. He was lucky to secure a dream position at …

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What hypocrisy, I think guiltily, as I jet off to academic conferences far and wide | Jonathan Wolff

We must apply the three Rs to plane travel: replace if possible, reduce to the essential, and refine to make it worthwhileWhat did you do on global climate protest day, Daddy?”“I was in the city centre, and joined the protest for a while. But I had to …

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