Why Twitter belongs in the classroom…

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com Parents. who have tried to pry their teenager’s smartphone away at bedtime know that social media can ravage the emotional lives of young people. Children and teens who use social media heavily are more likely to experience anxiety and depression, sleep poorly and express concerns about their body image. As a high school history teacher, I’veContinue reading “Why Twitter belongs in the classroom…”

A Pedagogical Perspective: An exploration into feedback and group work

Introduction Pedagogy constructs a method composed of both teaching practice and academic concepts. The last few decades has seen the definition of pedagogy vary a significant amount. In the 1980s pedagogy was defined as an abstract utopia line that does not underpin daily workings of a teacher (see Ellsworth, 1989). Modern day researchers and academicsContinue reading “A Pedagogical Perspective: An exploration into feedback and group work”