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Is social media bad for you?

Is social media bad for you?

Whenever I turn on the TV, read articles from my favourite news outlets or switch on the radio, I am constantly reminded that social networking sites are villains and us, the public are being drained of personal information, positive wellbeing and internal prosperity. Much research concerns itself with the impact social media platforms have on […]

Screen time linked to better cognition i...

Limiting children’s recreational screen use has been linked with improved cognition. Children aged eight to 11 who used screens for fun for less than two hours a day performed better in tests of mental ability, a study found. Combining this with nine to 11 hours of sleep a night was found to be best for performance. Researchers […]

Why Twitter belongs in the classroom…

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Parents. who have tried to pry their teenager’s smartphone away at bedtime know that social media can ravage the emotional lives of young people. Children and teens who use social media heavily are more likely to experience anxiety and depression, sleep poorly and express concerns about their body image. As a high school history teacher, I’ve […]