Jisc announces partner for new Midlands network

Jisc, the digital solutions provider for UK research and education sectors, has chosen the company to facilitate its new Jisc Midlands network.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms will be responsible for delivering connectivity speeds of up to 100Gbit/s in an initiative designed to give higher bandwidth to education and research facilities across the region, including the universities of Birmingham, Warwick and Nottingham.

Jisc Midlands will combine the current Jisc East and West Midlands networks.

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Jisc and SSE have worked together on a variety of projects for almost 20 years, most recently updating the Janet South network.

“Our customers need fast, reliable and resilient networks that support their high bandwidth demands,” said Neil Shewry, Jisc’s head of delivery.

“SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ ability to design a resilient network, which aligned with our price point was a key consideration when making the decision to award the contract.”

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