Month: October 2019

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This sham of a Queen’s speech could prove the end for Boris Johnson | Polly Toynbee

The prime minister wanted to shoot Labour’s fox but he has no plans, no vision – just focus-grouped pleasersFolderol, hokum and flapdoodle – the usual absurdities of the Queen’s speech rigmarole were reduced to their ultimate fatuity on Monday. As she …

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League tables drive degree class inflation | Letter

The UK has a system where universities are under pressure to award a high number of top grades, writes Prof Sue BloxhamWith reference to grade inflation (Universities launch code to address concern over degree grade inflation, 10 October), the data on …

School behaviour tsar endorses detention regime that punishes pupils for rolling their eyes

Critics describe the discipline guide as draconian and discriminatory

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Mentally ill students risk academic penalties for missing classes

Leading British universities have no support policies in place, Guardian findsStudents missing classes because of mental health problems risk being penalised with academic sanctions at some leading British universities, while others have no standardise…

Teachers living in sheds, cars and using food banks as demand for grants rises, charity warns

Number of applications for housing support increases by 67 per cent in two years

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There is a crisis on campuses – but it’s about racism, not free speech | Nesrine Malik

Far from cracking down on every microaggression, institutions are failing in their basic duty to protect their studentsHave you heard about the crisis on Britain’s university campuses? Free speech is under assault it seems, with students no-platforming…

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New London play shines light on perils of school exclusion

Intermission’s theatre production features youths who have experienced the consequences of isolation first-handIn a Victorian Gothic church behind Harrods in west London, a group of young people from troubled backgrounds have gathered to rehearse a pla…

Colleges struggling to cope with growing number of students out of school during GCSEs, report finds

Funding needed to prevent youngsters from taking ‘wrong path to crime or drugs’

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Why mathematicians just can’t quit their blackboards

Photographer Jessica Wynne captures the peculiar devotion of academics to working out their problems with chalkAnother year, another wave of students trampling across autumn leaves, making their way to their first lectures heady with a cocktail of exci…

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‘It’s got out of hand’: parents split after protest over Carlisle school’s strict rules

Police were called to heated protest by students and parents who threw missilesA secondary school in Carlisle where police were called to a protest by parents and students outside the school gates after missiles were thrown has insisted staff are worki…