What I learned on a trip to Berlin with my daughter | Adrian Chiles

I took her to Berlin to see the museums, but hour after hour was spent watching absurdly privileged people talking rubbish on her laptop

I’ve been in Berlin this week for a few days with my younger daughter. I wanted to bring her to the city because she is studying the second world war for history A level, so there was half a chance I could get her into museums without a fight.

Also, I’ve been reading Joseph Roth’s writings about Berlin between the wars. The collection is called What I Saw: Reports from Berlin 1920-33. Well, here are a few things I saw. First, I saw my daughter in the brilliant Topography of Terror museum, dedicated (if that’s the right word) to the SS and built on the site of the Gestapo secret police headquarters. What a young woman she must be to apply herself so assiduously to the astounding material in there and then repair to our lodgings and pay the same rapt attention to several episodes of Made in Chelsea on her laptop. Honestly, she must have done six on the trot. What a day we had.

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