I was harassed at Cambridge: the Dr Peter Hutchinson case is part of a wider problem | Danielle Bradford

The readmission of this former Trinity Hall lecturer shows that universities are failing in their duty of care to students

It’s a Saturday morning and I’m still in bed. My partner is downstairs, reading. We are house-sitting for some friends in a small village outside of Cambridge; it’s a nice break, given the hectic last few months of our lives. I roll over, check my phone, open Twitter. Oh no, I think: again?

It had just been reported that Trinity Hall college at Cambridge University had changed its agreement with former lecturer Dr Peter Hutchinson. Previously it had been agreed that he would not attend undergraduate social events and retire, after 10 women submitted complaints of sexual harassment against him (Hutchinson apologised for his “inappropriate” behaviour). Hutchinson has now had his dining rights as an Emeritus fellow reinstated, and is allowed to attend certain college events once more.

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