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‘Anything but inclusive’: No school places for three disabled sisters

Couple find that in practice they have less support than when they were foster parents Special educational needs breaking our budgets, warn councils Jan Ansell has three disabled daughters whom she adopted with her husband Kevin because, as foster care…

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Special needs education breaking our budgets, warn councils

Sharp rise in pupils requiring special support leads to £100m overspend in England Anything but inclusive – no place for three sistersCounty councils across England are warning that the cost of covering special needs education is breaking their budgets…

Government must give multi-billion cash boost to stop school system going beyond 'breaking point', MPs warn

Funding is urgently needed to address ‘myriad issues’ facing education sector, report says

Parents take on second jobs and sacrifice holidays to cover children's university costs, report suggests

More than eight in 10 families financially support offspring while at university, survey finds

Kids off to uni? Here’s how you can help

Your children will need advice, but don’t expect them to act on all your suggestions – it’s their life, after allBefore his teenage sons left for university, Richard Marshall taught them to make curry, bread and home-brewed beer. As a single parent, he…

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Almost all new students worry they won’t make friends. Freshers’ week is there to help

With freshers’ events that don’t involve drinking, plus hundreds of societies to choose from, universities cater to all personality types Before your child starts university, it’s helpful to think about challenges they have already faced, and talk with…

Experience: ‘My son going to university made my own course possible’

Carol Wilhide Justin started an MA in print at the Royal College of Art while son Jack was at the University of East Anglia and daughter Celia was doing her A-levelsThe empty nest hit me quite hard, perhaps because Jack was the first to go away. But al…

Personal statements: How to help them sell themselves

They have 4,000 characters to convince a university that they’re a great catch. Here’s how parents can helpA student’s personal statement is exactly what it sounds like – a chance for the student to put their case for being accepted, above others, on a…

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University green rankings at risk despite climate emergency

This year’s People and Planet league table could be the last unless the Office for Students has a change of heartWhile young people call for urgent action on the climate emergency, universities are lagging behind, with two-thirds likely to fail their 2…

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Higher education: where working-class people can reach the top

Only 16% of university heads were privately educated, in contrast to judges and elite civil servants. Why the difference?Steve Smith’s parents were devastated to be told at school parents’ evening that the best their working‑class son could hope for wa…